Easy, you'll love it!

Features are easy to build. We did the hard job of keeping them simple & creating a Web 2.0 interface that is easy to use!

Clear-cut Savings

With SocietyWise, a society with 30 flats can save as much as Rs.7000, 3000 valuable minutes & some trees. Calculate your savings

It's for Members too!

Increase transparency by letting members access bills, receipts, online notice board, meeting MoMs and other collaboration tools

Accountant approved

We let the experts check if our automatic double-entry accounting is good enough to save the bookkeeper's salary. They agreed!

Anytime, Anywhere

No shoe-box files. Secure access to your data requires just an internet browser: be it PC, Mac or Mobile.

Free Support

Seeing you use the system makes us happier than payments. We're willing to do anything to help you settle in.

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