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Tip: Rs.1 ~ earnings of Rs.15,000
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With SocietyWise, save upto Rs.8000 + 1 tree!



Printing & Stationery, Book-keeping expenses, etc.


4000 minutes

Worth Rs. spent calculating dues, writing bills, visiting accountant


1 tree every 3 years

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Just Rs. per flat, per month

Pay just Rs. & Save up to Rs. per year

which lets you
  generate Unlimited no of bills & receive money
  include Unlimited charges specific to your society
  automatically record transactions in a general ledger
  print & email bills to members
  track financial status using insightful reports
  maintain an online member's directory
  allow members to login and access information
and much more...

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Why do we need software?

Because you can put the society's funds & your valuable time to better use. Estimate your hard-cash & time savings with our Savings Calculator

Can we try before we buy?

We built SocietyWise to address the concerns of society managers and we want you to experience the difference before subscribing. Signup today for a no-obligation trial.

What is our total investment?

Nil. No costly licenses or computers required. A small annual fee - less than 1% of your annual monthly bills - to access SocietyWise on the web.

Why do we pay every year?

Its easy to sell big & disappear. Our plan is to steadily recover cost without burdening you, deliver new features every month & keep our societies happy year-on-year!

Do we pay extra for a new version?

Absolutely not! We will automatically upgrade your software - without harming your data - with the latest & greatest features while you are fast asleep.

As a small society, we're getting no discount?

No worries. You can approach us with a couple of other societies and we'll offer a huge discount by adding up all the flats

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